Android Game Development
Cross Platform Mobile Game Development

Citadel Android Mobile’s team of extremely capable for application architects and imaginative designers (UX, UI, 2d, 3d, animation), programmers, sound engineers and project managers will work with clients to make sure the maximum production value and efficiency in mobile application development. We are competent to meet all of our client’s deadlines even under “rush” scenarios. We support all of the latest mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Unity 2D/3D and HTML5. Citadel provides complete game development services with single player multiplayer and Real time Play support. Additionally, we will supervise the application submission and review process for each individual app store.

Social Media and Social Network Optimization

Our Team of Android Game Development integrate Social Media accounts in game. Our developed game is integrated with major Social media website i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more.

Citadel has years of practice in the business, we have been a truly dedicated team of designers, artists, experts and problem-solvers who are extremely passionate about offering our clients the best output and skills you need in order to create outstanding and high quality work and deliver imaginative results. We develop great designs and inventive platforms to make games, digital art, movies and more!

Citadel’s soaring quality and industry proven online games, we make the most of effective techniques and strategies to better advance our skills and deliver outstanding projects to our clients in North Carolina, New York, Los Angeles – USA. Citadel team of expert is also passionate about improving and empowering our customers with the newest and most advanced tools and resources to cater them with exceptional results that will meet their requirements. No matter how big or small your business is, you need a specialized game development service to help you achieve the finest output that you desire for.

  • We develop games with imaginative techniques to assist you produce more profit. We help you estimate your game’s financial requirements like development costs for each feature in order to assist you systemize your budget.
  • We recognize that most commercial games don’t actually make profit, and we, as game developers, will help you afford the changing development time and accessible resources prior to production.
  • Our development teams are managed by an outstanding lead game Analyst who controls the entire project. Our Analyst is well skilled in writing storyline dialogues, commentary, journals, cut-scene narrative, hint system, game packaging and more.
  • If you are energetically looking for game developers, we promise you outstanding service as we specialize in end to end game development for Android, Mc, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile platforms.
  • We deliver top-quality games that are 100% bug-free. This will guarantee you of many positive reviews which can take your game a long way towards success and engaging user.
  • The games we develop are very much reasonably priced. The amount that you have to invest into Android Game development would be very low against the kind of returns you will start earning.
  • We adopt uniform procedures to develop Android games that are flawless and user friendly, with all the required features, as specified by you.
  • Your requirements are safe with us and we will not share your idea or any kind of details, at any time, to anyone.
  • We are available at your service 24/7 and would be glad to clear your queries or resolve any issues you may have. We provide all the support required after the execution of your Android game.
  • We assist you with outstanding concepts, astonishing designs, and utilization of advanced technologies, successful product launch and the statistics of the popularity of your Android Game app.
  • Citadel commits completely to give a shape to your idea, perception and design through our professional technical knowledge and skills.

Contact us at the earliest to start the development of your Android Game or to hire an expert Android game developer, who can work for you dedicatedly.

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