Facebook is presently the leading social networking site and it’s still rising at an unbelievable pace, adding up millions of new users every month. The rapid increase of Facebook has opened up the area which allows developers to create Game applications that the Facebook users can use by installing it on their profiles to add additional functionality. Citadel gives clients an unbelievable authority through social media marketing. Citadel have a specialist developer of Facebook developers who are expert in their skills and are skilled of developing various Facebook Game applications.

Citadel is one of the top Facebook Game application development company in the North Carolina, New York , Los Angeles, U.S.A. Our highly skilled Facebook Game application developers can develop striking Facebook Game applications.

Game & Gamification
Boost Customer Engagement & Retention

Games on Facebook have considerably evolved in the last Few years and are still going through extreme changes; new business models are disrupting incumbents, technology enhancements are providing opportunities for innovative gameplay, the target market is increasing from core players to casual players.

We develop cross-platform games using Unity 3D, Coca2dX, and HTML5. All our games have some social component and tie-ins with Facebook. In order to speedily develop games we use our own engines and. As a matter of fact, we offer a cloud based hosted solution to build multiplayer games with inventive features like turn-by-turn gameplay, in-app purchases, in-app chat, and push-notifications.

  • Take your game idea to life
  • endorse your brand using our accessible game resources
  • Gamify your idea and offering to engagement to customers
  • poise your game and improve in-game saving
  • Better monetize and promote your app
  • It is very easy to develop games for Facebook which means you can expect faster returns once you invest in Facebook Game Development
  • Facebook provides a huge market and a whole lot of demand that is ever-increasing for games. This means that you can expect unlimited returns for your Facebook game
  • Facebook Game Development is very affordable as the process is quite simple.
  • Marketing and Promotion is very easy on Facebook. Once a user downloads and installs your game, it will automatically be posted on his/her wall, which means all the friends of the user will know about your game and would even like to try it once. Without having to spend any money, you get to market and promote your game to all the friends of such users.

Our Facebook game developers are creative, innovative and extremely talented. They are well-aware of the latest technologies and the most sophisticated and advanced tools required for developing Facebook Games that are a great hit. The tools we use include:

  • Action script 3.0
  • HTML5
  • JQuery
  • Open GL
  • PHP
  • ROR
  • MY SQL

With the help of our qualified and dedicated team of developers, we have developed various Facebook Games in various genres like:

  • Quiz and Puzzle games
  • Racing games
  • Adventure Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Word Games
  • Education games
  • Custom Games
  • Mind-Exercise Games
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