Podcasting has come a long way, it is not more about producing quality shows, but catering to potential listeners. A podcasting website is a great way to attract new listeners and give them something more.

Are you finding it hard to create a podcast website?

Wanting to expand your listener base?

We’ll manage everything for you— curating content to distribute them effectively. We will make available your podcast on search engines.

Why Does Your Podcast Need A Website?

Skilled podcasters always adhere to a purpose— establish a brand. They follow a specific tone and consistency in each episode which sets them apart from the competitors. Your podcasting website helps to build your brand and allows you to connect with listeners

A podcasting website makes it easier to listen to your episodes. It allows you to add lengthy descriptions, engaging typography and BTS (behind the scene). You will have full control over how you showcase your work to a wider audience. When the play button is on-the-go, it retains new listeners.

A podcasting website can not only be a source for episodes, but also a tool for gaining more subscribers and growing your listeners.

You can offer exclusive paid content only through your website. You can keep it as a side-hustle.

You can allow your listeners to connect personally by putting links to your social media channels via your website. Allow your listeners to comment, like and send you queries.

What Will We Do?

Strength SEO

  • Our SEO experts will work hard to get your podcast ranked on search engines. We will perform each SEO practice to rank higher on search engines, including keyword research, on-page/off-page SEO, installed SSL, mobile-friendly, fast-loading, back linking and internal linking etc.

Responsive interface

  • Every podcast website needs an audio player for easy playing. We keep it as simple as possible. We select audio players that are finger-friendly, easily tappable and easy for first-time listeners.

Custom domain name

  • Our skilled web developers will pick up the right custom domains as per your requirements. We will perform everything to set up your domain to connect with servers. Our ‘domain expert’ knows what will work best.

Reliable web hosting service

  • We always choose to host providers that can handle large traffics and never crash down. However, they should have excellent customer support in terms of any possible issues. Our experienced web developers have in- depth knowledge of each type of hosting and also its pros and cons.

Preferred content management system

  • You don’t need to be confused about choosing the right content management system for you. We will pick the right one for you according to your requirements and preference. We are experts in major CMS platforms:
  • Web builders (SquareSpace, Wix)
  • Webflow
  • WordPress

Perfect content plan

  • Our content marketing team will lead you through result-driven content plans to help #1 ranking. Your podcast’s website is way more about expressing your expertise rather than a way for new listeners to find your show. Our content plans are truly based on targeted listeners to transform them into more loyal.

Timely analytics and report

  • We will keep you updated with your site’s performance— how many new listeners you are retaining, monitoring subscribers, click-through rate etc. Expert in major paid as well as freemium analytic tools, our expert team measure the ROI of your podcast website regularly.

Build email newsletter

  • We will create an email newsletter to help you directly market your podcast. A newsletter is a great way to connect with your listeners, share latest episodes and notes from your podcast. You can directly ask for feedback about the show via newsletters.

Super mobile-friendly

  • A podcasting website should always be mobile-friendly because most podcast listeners are smartphone and tablet users. Our team endlessly makes it mobile-friendly and takes care of usability.