Website Design / development

Website Designing

Citadel Infotech brings you the best digital solution and website development with the utmost unique ideas. In the changing era of digitalisation, it is vital for companies to make their digital footprint smart, catchy and professional. Our main focus is to bring your digital presence a step ahead in the digital market.

We design and develop websites that cover the latest features with trending designs, which helps you to compete in the market with brand awareness and customer pool in the digital world.

Now no more compromises in the digital world. Citadel provides you with the digital hand to showcase your online presence in the most innovative ways to your customers. It also helps your customers to know you, by making your online presence clean, easy and elegant. Brands always need a strong digital presence that helps their customer to experience the magnificence and royalty of the brand digitally.

How do we develop?

We have a quick and simple process which we call the SQTS technique. Where the quality is always given importance above all. Our development process provides timely service with the best quality and speed. The development of a site is the foundation for marketing and online presence. Make it simple and marketing-friendly so that even Google knows you better. Our development team and professionals even give a thought to granular buttons and the mouse effect on the site by which you can give the topmost experience to your customers.

Our Process

Citadel’s development process consists of 10 steps from scratch to a fully functional site. Understanding Your requirement We spend time to know your requirements very clearly and specifically for solutions that would lead your brand to boost your presence online. Your requirements will be understood and will be tweaked and narrated to the audience in the way online audiences pursue media content.

Market Research

Market research of that segment will be carried out to understand how big businesses are running their brands over the digital platform. We will be specifically taking ahead of the leads and market understanding from that segment to evolve your brand in the best possible way for growth and development.

Gathering Information

Here we understand the future market of the segment and add features that will help make the user flow more smoothly and specifically. It will be helping us to pre-develop the data which protects us against spending more on design and functionality. Even it helps us to stay a few steps ahead compared to the futures market.*

Site Information Architecture

Site information is a very important aspect for the user to give the movement in a smoother way with no distractions. To make it easy for the audience, the flow and the informational speech will be decided as to how the audience on the website will be addressed.*

Content Creating

Content creation for the website also plays a vital role. Creating the webpage is not enough, the content to be used on a website on a digital platform is as important as website designing which makes users to easily and effortlessly understand the rich taste of a company via online medium.*

Designing website theme

At this point the designing team will lay out the design based on the trends in that particular sector, market research and user requirement. We create wireframes for all individual pages which will be approved by you and then it will be sent for final designing. The theme layout will be as per your ask and requirement. Also, advisory will be given, based on what our team has researched so that we can come up with the best, trending and finest designs for your company.

Putting into codes

Testing, Launching, Maintenance.

Why are we different?

We have always been in the market from the start of the internet era. We have a learning curve on how coding evolved with the market.

Web Development

E - Commerce website

It assumes that running an e-commerce website is rather difficult. In reality, it becomes worthless when it can’t make profit or conversions. You are already aware that the e-commerce industry is fiercely competitive and the maximum number of store owners are struggling to survive.

Blogs Website

Blogging is never new and you can start your blog anytime. However, everyone can start blogging. No worry if you find it hard to create a blog for you; we will create one for you!

Business Website

A business website is like an identity card in the digital sphere. It assumes that businesses that have a maximum online presence are more likely to boost sales.With the technology-advancement, businesses are way more digital than before. It is because potential customers are spending more time being online.

Personal Website

Are you creative professionals looking to showcase your works to a wider audience? If yes, why don’t you create a portfolio website with us?

Web Portal

In today’s technology-driven age, enterprises need extra technical solutions to stay robust and competitive. One component that allows streamlined and personalized communication in B2B and B2C businesses to unimaginable proportions— the web portals.

Podcasting Website

Podcasting has come a long way, it is not more about producing quality shows, but catering to potential listeners. A podcasting website is a great way to attract new listeners and give them something more.

School or College Website

Technology has changed the way of marketing. Now people expect to know about your school or college through digital channels. Nowadays, it is basic to keep a website for your school or college. A school website is a great tool for inbound marketing and reaching out to larger audiences, especially parents.

Our Works

Business needs the right strategy for making an impact on the minds of the consumers. To promote business in the digital platform, you need the guidance of an expert who will help you to take your business to the next level. One such important aspect of launching website is it must be designed properly.