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Technology has changed the way of marketing. Now people expect to know about your school or college through digital channels. Nowadays, it is basic to keep a website for your school or college. A school website is a great tool for inbound marketing and reaching out to larger audiences, especially parents.

Advantages Of A School Website:

A school website bridges the barrier between educators, school staff, parents and learners. The local community will get the latest updates about the institution. Overseas students can easily get information about the institution.

It can increase learning experience. Students get easy access to material that is necessary for the class. It is a great way to create a virtual learning experience.

If you are striving to boost the quality of your school services, a school website can serve as a way to receive feedback. It can also be a great initiative to measure the effectiveness of new services or possibilities.

A school website can be a great way to spread brand awareness. It can be used as a marketing channel to attract new students to get admission.

It can serve as a tool to provide regular reception of any school announcement (e.g closed due to inconvenience or bad weather, celebrate sports day or any other occasion).

Retaining a school website is cost-effective. You can easily distribute online brochures among students. You don’t need to worry about print or TV advertisements to promote the institution.

It can help to build an educated community by setting up a forum where one can share ideas on different topics. It can also be a great place for parents to come together and share their knowledge or experience.

You will achieve:

Strength SEO

  • Our SEO experts will work hard to get your podcast ranked on search engines. We will perform every SEO practice to rank higher including keyword research, on-page/off-page SEO, installed SSL, ensuring mobile-friendly and fast-loading, backlinking, internal linking etc.

Reliable web hosting service

  • Our skilled web developers will pick up custom domains as per your requirements. We will handle everything to set up your domain to connect with servers. Our ‘domain expert’ knows what works best.
  • We always choose to host providers that can handle large traffics and never crash down. Our experienced web developers have in-depth knowledge of each type of hosting and also their pros and cons.

Responsive design

  • We prioritize user experience and hence come up with responsive design. Our professional web designers are skilled in user-friendly designs that smoothly run on different devices. We build websites that automatically resize and reformat as per the user’s preference.

Quality content

  • We will come up with content ideas that are relevant to the institution. It contains relevant content such as school activities and programs (academic and extra-curricular) news, events etc. We will set up a blog for parents, teachers as well as students to keep them engaged. For better ranking, we execute content plans according to targeted audiences.

Eye-catching homepage

  • We give our best to make the homepage neat and clean so that users don’t have to spend time scrolling and maneuvering. We will add the most professional templates according to your requirements.

Well organized navigation bar

  • We never compromise setting up intuitive, well-designed navigation. It is another key ingredient of a school website. However, we put the right amount of navigation to save time for users.
  • News, calendar and event pages to keep readers updated with the latest information or announcement.
  • User-friendly sliders
  • Achievements
  • Contact directory
  • Calendar
  • Student corner
  • Teacher room

Build email newsletter

  • We will create an email newsletter for parents as well as students. Email newsletter ensures parents to stay updated of the latest news of the institution. Newsletters can also be a great way to motivate parents to get admission to their child in your school. Moreover, it is a great tool to ask for feedback.