Web Portal

In today’s technology-driven age, enterprises need extra technical solutions to stay robust and competitive. One component that allows streamlined and personalized communication in B2B and B2C businesses to unimaginable proportions— the web portals.

“Web portals are similar to the information center which collect information from multiple locations and distribute them with departments, customers and suppliers.

Are you planning to build a web portal for your enterprise?

We have been offering web portal development services globally. We have completed each type of web portal development.

Our team of web developers lies expertise in:

  • Vertical portals (VP)
  • Horizontal portals (HP)
  • Corporate portals (CP)
  • B2B portals
  • B2C portals
  • Internal company portals

Does Your Business Require A Web Portal?

The need for a web portal depends on the nature of an organization and how it operates, but there may be common requirements such as:

  • On multi-location premises i.e national and international office
  • In-house and deskless employees
  • Requirement to manage supplier or channel retailers
  • When it requires scalable IT licensing option
  • Boost visibility of information (e.g by department, manager and require for a specific individual)
  • Requirement of a vital module in the existing business systems for day-to-day processes

We have worked on diverse types of web portals:

  • Sales portal
  • Project management portal
  • Customer portal solution
  • Membership portal
  • CRM portal
  • HR portal
  • Intranet portal
  • Corporate portal


  • UX is vital when it comes to the interaction of the customers to your product and services. Web portal designs provide an amazing user experience as they are interactive and endlessly show data required by users in a single dashboard.
  • Web portals offer a more personalized, user-friendly experience to every customer.
  • Web portals are usually prepared with high-end plugins that boost functionality, speed and UX. Enterprises much retain web portals as they often add features and services to their website to improve UX.
  • Web portals can be accessed through any device and offers an immersive experience across platforms. It is amazing because customers can access your enterprise online through multiple devices.
  • Building a web portal seems very much cost-effective because it can reduce the workload of customer services by offering all the vital information through it.
  • Companies, especially those which largely consist of deskless employees, can be benefited from a web portals as they can use them for collaboration and real-time project management.
  • Web portal allows you to customize your online presence when customers can also use your business services more effectively. It will also attract new customers through enhanced personalized online UX.

What Will We Do?:

  • We will conduct both front-end and back-end development:

Front-end development:

Secure Login:

  • Provide single and secure login to customers. To make sure a new Customer can directly sign-in through the portal.
  • Ensures default and custom CRM modules.

Case deflection:

  • Ensure users can search the query first rather than raise a ticket. It will surely boost the support system and improve users’ experience.
  • Proposal generation:

    • Ensure users generate proposals in the portal. It must allow customers to pick the product and quantity and send it to the admin. Rather than appearing in the catalog, it should have an option for a quick search.

    Custom dashboard:

    • Allows customers to customize the appearance of the portal. Allow them to pick the preferred module.

    Real-time notification:

    • Ensure the customers get real-time notification about the latest actions made by the admin. Customers can view the records of attachments, filter notifications by preferences etc.

    Multi-language support:

    • For the global community, ensure specific language and messages for better personalisation.

    Knowledge base:

    • section where customers can gain knowledge through informative videos, blogs, FAQs and more.

    Backend development

    Role-based access:

    • Stop accessing specific modules to specific customers. Access must be done based on ‘need to access’.

    Configuration of custom modules:

    • Allow configuration of custom modules in the portal backhand that lies in CRM without any expenses.
    • Dynamic layout: Ensure fields and layout in modules according to your preference.
    • We will test your portal before submission to make sure:

    • Runs smoothly across different browsers.
    • Ensure whether it is accessible and readable
    • Whether it is mobile-friendly.